[Dublin] Dun Laoghaire Pier

The working week in Dublin flies by, but the days are long, with most nights in the office finishing at 7. What's more, the basement office leaves me feeling like I haven't breathed real air or seen real light at all, and so at the weekend, I took a walk out from where I'm staying to Dun Laorghaire, where there is a harbour full of yachts and two piers stretching out into Dublin Bay. I grew up next to the seaside near Newcastle upon Tyne, and when we were kids, went on loads of seaside holidays, swimming in the Atlantic Ocean from Donegal to Brittany to Nova Scotia. Perhaps that's why I'm such a huge fan of the sea-themed trend that's everywhere right now, like this Mary Katrantzou dress, as well as the classic nautical look which I roll out every summer. The blustery day was perfect for giving my body a blast of air and somewhat limited Vitamin D. The next best thing would only be a hunky seaman with sailor stripes and rippling muscles taking me on a tour in his schooner..... Now that would get the blood flowing *wink*


  1. ahahaha i love the green light house! its so cute!