[London] Coming Atcha Baby

Somerset House awaits....
Only something as epic as Tchaikovsky is on my playlist today. I am packed for London Fashion Week and the only thing left to do is get through today at work and get myself on that Aer Lingus flight! Oh, and not forget to print the invites I have recieved, collect my business cards from the printers and search my friends flat on Google Maps.

Most of the designers I applied for show tickets from have been amazing, and I am getting super psyched to see the collections. So far, I am definitely down for ones like Obscure Couture, Corrie Nielsen, Florian Jayet, Rohmir, Leutton Postale, Raffaele Ascione, Math, Carlotta Actis Barone, and my friend Sara who I am staying with tells me more have arrived in the post, so as soon as I land tonight I will get ripping on the envelopes. Although this will be my fourth year of going to Fashion Week, the fact that I am applying to report for such a new blog is really great!

Last night, however, was the less glamorous task of stuffing my suitcase as sensibly as is possible for a week of dressing up. It's pretty fair to say that while I love travelling, adore seeing new places and faces, I loathe packing with a passion. When you get it right, you are equipped to deal with anything. Get it wrong and you either spend the trip kicking yourself for not making room for x, y or z, or humping bags of crap around, most of which you have no need for. Worse, you spend precious pennies of your holiday budget on duplicating stuff you have at home.

Key is to decide exactly what you want to wear before you go down to the last nail colour and bring only that, but while this simplifies life at the other end, it makes getting ready a nightmare of anticipating the moods, colours and heel heights you will feel like for the next week. It's a fine balance of bringing staples that you can stick with anything and unique pieces you can stand out in. With seven complete outfits in one small case, plus jewellery, pajamas and a few bathroom necessities, I am pretty pleased with my work. Just please God I don't spot anything in London I simply have to have because the idea of my bag popping all over Gatwick is not a pretty thought!

Maybe if the flight's delayed I'll ask Einstein for a ride
Sample business card. Yummy!

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