[Electric Dress At Large] Wall Dress, the ISG and Slave Magazine

So, the past week I have graced the web waves further afield than this here blog of mine. Last week, the above picture, entitled "Look Village People" appeared on the blog Wall Dress, a French street style site. It was taken outside the Alexs Mabille show - it's a nice natural shot and the only reason why I didn't look at the camera was because there were loads taking my picture at the same time, so I did that fashion week thing of pretending this happens to me every day. "Ugh! Getting your picture taken by the press is such a drag"... I loved wearing my military hat to fashion week, and here I styled it with a Helen McAlinden coat, Chouchou and Oui Designs Hollyhood, H&M bag, vintage leather shorts and H&M brogues. Oh, and my own hand-knit snood.

Second, the International Socialist Group published an article I wrote about the annoying depiction of the perception of Western fashion in the Middle East; namely, that Western consumerism is a source of liberation and joy for those poor repressed Muslin women. Well, fashion may be a lot of things, but that I very much doubt. Give it a read and let me know what you think!

I also loved the piece my friend Jenny wrote about Alexandra Kollontai, the Russian activist who fought for feminism in the Russian revolutions and early USSR. Such an inspiring figure we need to know more about. The ISG will be publishing a series of biographies of women on the loony left, so [watch this space]...

Bit of Socialism, bit of dressing up as a fascist, its all good.

Third, my interview with up-and-coming music star Nina Nesbitt was published today in Slave Magazine. A fabulous virtual tome of Art, Culture and Fashion edited by photographers Ania M, Artur Dziewitz and Louise Munro has recently upped from Edinburgh to London and with super-high quality visuals with good writing to go with it, we're sure it'll go far. Previously I interviewed Glasgow designer David Black for Issue 4 and was delighted when they asked me back for more....


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