Welcome to the Electic Dress

Maria Callas's costmues, recreated in recycled drinks cans. Exhibition at Rhodes, September 2011
Having blogged for three years now on Handbags and Fag Hags and with it, went to awards ceremonies, the heights of high horses and of course, Fashion Week. Yet like a much loved pair of jeans that no longer fit, feel tired and make your ass saggy not sexy, it was starting to drag.

In this ominous, apocalyptic new year, it feels like time for a re-write and re-wiring. Hence: Electric Dress.

Aiming for a more personal, relaxed feel and a cleaner, straighter approach to fashion blogging, I hope that I will offer a more succinct read and allow for an insight in my new life as a Fashion Marketing Intern in Dublin fair city.

Happy reading!

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