[London] Dans La Vie AW 2012

Phoo: Vauxhall Fashion Scout
Showing at Vauxhall Fashion Scout on Saturday, Dans La Vie, brain child of Japanese designer Rira Sugawara, is a slightly intellectual brand, if not one that knows how to have some fun with glamour and attitude. Inspired by pop art of the 1960s, the reference to Marilyn Monroe in hair and lip styles were hard to miss, done just as lurid as in Andy Warhol's iconic prints. The orange and purple circle motif was reminiscent of target paintings by artists such as Kennth Noland and Peter Blake, worn printed, as on coats, or as a headpiece. Oh-so-retro, models strutted with fashion fabulous ferocity in circular shades and all-in-one catsuits printed with the mad mash-ups of a free imagination, or sixties style belted coats. With snakeskin and shiny fabrics also used, there was a slightly kitsch, trashy vibe, done with just te right level of panache. The show notes cited Japanese high priest Kukai as inspiration; as a leading calligrapher and linguist, my interpretation would either be the prints that featured writing style marks, or the attitude of higher being with which this collection would endow any fashion fan.

Photo: Vauxhall Fashion Scout

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